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Foremost Wedding Officiant in the local area

If you are looking to have a memorable wedding ceremony, wedding officiants from Napier Ministries make an ideal choice. It does not matter the type of wedding you are planning to have – secular, religious, beach or a garden wedding – our team of professional wedding officiants are just a contact away. You can reach us through our booking form. We are based in the local area but we can officiate your wedding at destinations within surrounding areas. Contact us today.

What an Officant Does

Many couples expect a wedding officiant to simply come to their wedding and deliver the ceremony. But the reality is that an officiant can play a much larger role in the wedding planning process. Our officiating package includes an initial consultation, where we discuss your hopes for the day. We then work with you to personalise your vows and tailor our services to your needs, attend any ceremony rehearsals, and work with other wedding professionals on the big day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Trusted Professionals for Your Special Day

Choosing the right wedding officiant is easily glossed over during all the preperation, but the right person will work wonders in making you feel confident and prepared for this day. We ensure a quality relationship with our customers and will customise the ceremony according to their wishes. A wedding is a memory which you and your family will remember forever and every detail should be considered. With our services, you will be able to fully enjoy the entire ceremony on your special day.

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